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The Victorian Learn Local Awards are held annually by the Adult,

Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board and celebrate the success of individuals, programs and training providers across Victoria.

Through ACFE Board-funded pre-accredited programs (Learn Local courses),

the Learn Local sector plays a pivotal role in ensuring Victorians develop the core skills they need for study, work, and life.

Core skills includes literacy, numeracy, English language, employability and digital skills.

We invite you to nominate your Educator or a fellow learner.

We have so much to celebrate!



Time to seek counselling?
Need someone who will listen?
Want to be heard?
As the saying goes " a problem shared is a problem halved"
Taking time to share can make a difference to your ability to cope.
Low cost, short term counselling services
Please call 8768 8342
What better way to spend a winter's Sunday than fuelling their imagination!

Our Children Services Educational Leades has 3 pets and one is so dramatic!  He knows whenever there is a Zoom meeting and he becomes the centre of attentions.  He pretty much covered all her Zoom meetings last year.
These are photos of her home staff.
The big boy is Harley, and the feline couple is Mr Wallen and Ms Tilly.  All were adopted from animal shelters.

In Childrens Services we were thinking of putting up a  pet wall for children to share the joy of having a pet .

What is Counselling?

A Counsellor is a trained, objective professional with whom you can build a healing and trusting relationship.
They are trained to offer different types of assistance;
most frequently talking-based styles of therapy.
Counsellig is a process of talking about and working through your personal problems.
The Counsellor helps you address your problems in a positive way
by helping you to clarify the issues, explore options, develop strategies and increase self-awareness.
For some people just the process of telling their story to a consellor, and being listened to, is helpful.
As we have children of essential workers in our before and after school care
during the lockdown period we search for fun experiences to beat the boredom and winter cold on rainy days.
We quickly planned to make something warm, cheesy, juicy and crusty and have come up with this idea.
It turned out to be this yummy pizza and couldn’t be proud more of our fantastic pizza makers
after seeing these pizza decorations adding colours, shapes and flavours together.
It was a fantastic STEM experience for our young children attended.
V A C A T I O N   F U N
HPCH  vacation program has invited Doreen Djong,
a retired chef of Hampton Park Tavern to make sushi with our children in the vacation care programme.
Doreen is now the head chef for all community lunch events happening in HP uniting church too.
Children were engaged in every step, by organising the hall, setting chaired up, cleaning and wiping the table.
They were all enjoying putting vegetables , seafood, avocado and tuna mix together with rice on a sushi roll paper and make their own sushi.
Many were excited about the stickiness of rice and enjoyed the tactile experience other than getting irritated.
Because they knew that without sticky rice, there won’t be any sushi.
Doreen was teaching all children how to roll rice , roll the paper how to organise pieces of vegetables.
Most importantly she showed that not only one way or shape to make sushi but we can be creative as we want,
make it in many different shapes and sizes.
To make the moment of meeting two great cooking legends, Doreen from uniting place Hampton Park
and Najah from HPCH together we didn’t forget to take a picture of them together too.